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Rosé Reps Unite!

Fell in love with Rosé All Day? Obsessed with our products and what we do? Join our fam and become an official #RoséRep and share the love with your friends and fam!

As a #RoséRep, you get to have your very own page of your most beloved Rosé products you swear by and your mates get to shop with you and get money off! Our #RoséFam is our most trusted brand rep - we want you to talk about what you love and spread the word, let your friends know what's good. We really don't care how many followers you have on social media, all we care about is your passion for Rosé, your personal insight on our products and your take on the everyday "no makeup" makeup look.

You get to connect with us and other #RoséReps in a more intimate level, share your tips and stories, and occasionally we can get manicures together! Get exclusive updates and first looks on our latest beauty products, help us create the perfect "no makeup" makeup kit and get Rosé special benefits.

What we look for in a #RoséRep:

  • Passionate about Rosé All Day and shares the same values.

  • Wants to be involved with Rosé All Day in a more intimate level than just being a consumer.

  • Wants to grow the #RoséFam and be a part of fun and exciting new things.

As a #RoséRep your responsibilities would be:

  • Represent your passion for Rosé All Day through your social media.

  • Share your take on how you use our products, share stories and tips.

  • Tag Rosé All Day and use our hashtags on your dedicated social media posts.

  • Select your favorite Rosé products and tell your friends why you love them so that we could post it on your very own Rosé page.

What you get as a #RoséRep:

  • First updates and previews on our latest events and products.

  • Exclusive store credit and perks when your friends shops with you.

  • Be a part of the Rosé community and do fun things with Rosé Team


To apply and become a #RoséRep, email us at hello@roseallday with the tagline: Rosé Rep.