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Everything you need to slay all day.

Box of Joy

IDR 365.000  IDR 237.250

Box of Glee

IDR 278.000  IDR 180.700

The Realest Lightweight Compact Powder X Liunic

IDR 175.000  IDR 140.000

Thrill Pill X Liunic

IDR 149.000

Posh Pill X Liunic

IDR 149.000

Don't Forget Sunscreen X Liunic

IDR 190.000

Thunder Lash Mascara X Liunic

IDR 129.000

Sunday Baby Gloss Bundle

IDR 298.000

Thrill Pill

IDR 149.000

Posh Pill

IDR 149.000

24-Hour Hydration Defense Duo Bundle

IDR 365.000  IDR 255.500

Redness Recovery Duo Bundle

IDR 344.000  IDR 240.800

The Dewy Duo Bundle

IDR 320.000  IDR 224.000

#PressPause Bundle

IDR 519.000  IDR 363.300

The Big Calm Serum

IDR 145.000

24-Hour Hydro Surge Moisturizer

IDR 175.000

Electrolyte Sleeping Mask

IDR 199.000  IDR 190.000