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Rosé All Day Pillow Talk Bundle

IDR 222.400
Get our new Plush Lip Tint and Lip Gloss in a steal deal from IDR 278.000 to IDR 222.400

Introducing: Rosé Gloss Pills. A subtle lip gloss for the perfect everyday lip glow. It's non-sticky, lightweight, and long-lasting with a semi-sheer coverage. Our formula is all of those and more-- infused with Vitamin E, sun protection and ester oil.

Spill The Tea Pill: A nude brown with peach undertone. A special shade created with #RoséGang!

Introducing: Plush Lip Tint. A comfortable and smooth glossy lip stain that enhances natural lip color while making your lips look as plush as a teddy bear!

Someberry To Love: Blushed burgundy berry with plum undertone. A special shade created with #RoséGang!
  • Clean Beauty
  • Halal
  • Cruelty Free
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