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Rosé Sweats

IDR 290.000
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Our Rosé sweats are going to keep you looking fly when it's cold or rainy, in air conditioned rooms, and on those lazy days where you just wanna get comfy. We're always down for a cozy snuggle - at work, at home, under the blankets, on your favorite sofa, anywhere. You wanted to twin with us and now we can finally match!


Clean Beauty

All Rosé All Day products are made with no harmful chemicals. We only use hero ingredients that are mindful to the skin.

Cruelty Free

All of our products are not tested on animals. Because our products are only formulated with safe ingredients, the Rosé Team gets to wear test our products during development stage.


Rosé All Day products are all BPOM and Halal certified. You can find our BPOM registration number on our packaging along with other important details.