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The Best Way To Apply The Realest Lightweight Foundation

by Ofelia Mentari |  | 1 comment


Hey! Jeihan here and I’m about to tell you my version of the best way to apply The Realest Lightweight Foundation from Rosé All Day Cosmetics.

Step 1: Primer

My biggest skin concerns are my visible pores and super oily t-zone area. To add on top of that, I live in Jakarta—where it is very humid, causing my makeup to melt away easily during the day. I start my makeup routine with High Fluid Primer from The Ordinary, known to be the holy grail product for a lot of makeup lovers. Let’s go on to discuss this primer, the serum bottle packaging makes it hard to get the actual product, but I love how it makes my skin smooth without breaking it out. It doesn’t leave any white cast and the product itself is transparent with a gel-like consistency. Because I have a very oily t-zone area, that’s where I focus on when applying my primer. This is a silicone primer so it’s great for you whose skin type is like mine, but make sure you moisturize your face well before applying your primer.


Step 2: Tinted Moisturizer 

To give a healthy glow to my skin, I love mixing The Realest Lightweight Foundation with my favorite tinted moisturizer called Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. I discovered this method when I went to a NARS boutique, where the Sales Associate told me of this little trick that works well with Rosé All Day Cosmetics’ foundation. This technique gives my skin a dewy look with a healthy glow. Take one pea sized of the tinted moisturizer (the more tinted the moisturizer is, the lower coverage you’ll get) and mix it with The Realest Foundation in your hand. Then dot the mixture across your face and blend it well.


Step 3: Application

In my opinion, the best tool to apply this foundation with is the beauty sponge. Its bouncy texture can seamlessly buff foundation onto the skin. Beauty sponge also helps you blend the foundation easily and faster. I choose this application for a sheer-natural everyday look. At first, I dot the foundation across my face and dab the foundation using a damped beauty sponge. For troubled areas where I have spots or acne, I apply one/two more dots of foundation and lightly dab around it with my beauty sponge to blend them out. It might work as fine as concealer.


Step 4: Concealer

There are many ways to apply your concealer, but I like the way Daniel Martin, a renounced makeup artist, apply on his concealer. I do my foundation first and add concealer onto areas where I want more coverage to smoothen out lines, spots or dark areas. One of my favorite things about The Realest Lightweight Foundation from Rosé All Day Cosmetics is its thick texture that can work as a concealer, but when buffed across the face as a foundation feels ultra-light on your skin. So, I love applying more of The Realest on my skin as concealer to cover the troubled spots on my face.

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