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by Samantha Wijaya |

Tall, thick dark hair, a set of deep brown eyes and a look that is perfect for one of those Dolce and Gabanna editorials in Italy, Prinka Cassy is a mother of two boys and is scheduled to walk Jakarta Fashion Week's runway this October. She had that cool, calm and collected feel about her and that's probably because she started motherhood at such an early age. Not your typical 25 year old, she's got everything under control and you know how they say your kids are a reflection of you? Biru (4) and Cerdik (2) are the most well behaved boys we've ever met and are way more comfortable in front of the camera than we are.

Prinka started her modeling career early and shortly after that, caught the eyes of designer Dana Maulana. They got married when she was 20 and a year later they had Biru. On motherhood:

RAD: How does it feel to be a mom at such a very young age?

PC: I was overwhelmed because I was so young at the time. It was one of the hardest and yet the most rewarding journey in life. Being pregnant is so much more easier than taking care of a new born. I was so careful about everything being that it was my first time being a mom, not so much with Cerdik though (laughs). I was more relaxed because I guess I've got Biru to figure things out first. Maybe that's why Cerdik is much more easy too.

RAD: What kind of a mom are you in school? The super involved mom, soccer mom or socially awkward, like me? Haha.

PC: I'm one of those easy moms, you know? I'm not a pushy mom but I do make sure they go to school and get things done. They're still so young anyways and I want them to enjoy school. Oh and Cerdik is still breastfeeding, I wonder how I can wean him.

RAD: OMG. Really? Me too! My daughter doesn't want to stop either and it's so hard to get her off of it. How about Biru, how did you stop him?

PC: I know, I tried everything but Cerdik is so persistent. Maybe because he is the baby. Biru grew out of it himself, I think maybe because he knew he was going to be a big brother soon. Yeah, something we need to figure out together as moms.

RAD: Maybe we should google it...

So obviously, we want Prinka to be in our lives as our second mom or just be there when we need a piece of her serenity which she seems to carry everywhere. But aside from her boys, the modeling world is keeping her busy. We asked her what the industry is like and if we could start modeling ourselves. Jokes - we neither have the body nor creative poses up our sleeves. But if you ever do need real life models, do contact us. On modeling:

RAD: So what do you do with the kids when you are off to do a job?

PC: I'm lucky that I get to leave them off with my inlaws when I have work to do.

RAD: What is it like in the modeling industry?

PC: It's so competitive, there's always a younger model. 16 year olds, 19 who are the "prime" age of modeling. But it's also all about experience too and being able to translate what you're asked for on camera.

And by the way she easily poses, we know she's got experience behind her. And on her skincare routine:

RAD: As a mom and a model what's your beauty routine like?

PC: I can't really do makeup so I always just put on a good lipstick. It's the easiest and you instantly look put together.

RAD: Well maybe that's because you are blessed with a full set of brows and lashes that go for miles. (You know that moment when you cant help but stare in awe? Awks.) What's your skin care like?

PC: Oh, I love skin care! You know, especially in modeling sometimes you wear such heavy makeup and you occasionally have to share beauty tools with other models and the worse is if they are in a hurry and the brushes aren't cleaned first. I'm currently into Korean skin care.

RAD: Isn't everybody though, nowadays? They're so good and on top of that so affordable!

We weren't able to get her daily skin care routine during our Rosé Files session. But Prinka was kind enough to list it down for us in detail. If you have sensitive skin like Prinka, you might want to have a go at these products:

Morning Routine:

  1. Bioderma or Garnier for Sensitive Skin
  2. Rose Petal Thayers or Benton Snailbee Skin
  3. Benton Snailbee Essence
  4. Benton Snailbee Cream
  5. Nuxe Eye Cream
  6. Blistex Lip Balm

Night Routine:

  1. Bifesta Cleansing Sheet
  2. DHC Cleansing Oil
  3. Bioderma or Garnier for Sensitive Skin
  4. Pixi Glow Tonic
  5. Serozinc La Roche-Posay
  6. Benton Snailbee Essence
  7. Benton Snailbee Cream or Sunday Riley in Luna, UFO or Good Genes
  8. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

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