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by Samantha Wijaya |

Her name is everywhere and you are probably following her already on her social media accounts. We followed her on Instagram and fell in love with her bare-faced natural beauty in an instant. There was something in that raw picture she took of herself and her sparkling brown eyes that compelled us. Yes - she definitely has that Rosé look written all over her.

It was like a dream when she agreed to be a part of #TheRoséFiles and our ever growing family of cool girls. She came casually in her overalls and a white tank top looking like she could actually live in a different era. She is like a modern day Audrey Hepburn, exuding confidence and a bubbly personality.

We talked about her beauty routine (because obviously we're into good skin), her work, education, and family background. She started acting at such a young age and fell in love with it. She's currently pursuing her degree in public relations whilst she is also living her passion. Anggika is definitely juggling those two things like a boss, she's only twenty-two after all.

RT: Who's your favorite makeup artist?
AB: He passed away a while back and now it's hard for me to find someone I really like. So I usually just end up doing my own makeup.

RT: Are you still in university? Why did you choose to pursue your education here in Indo?
AB: Well, I started acting in my teenage years. I was accepted in the university I applied to in Switzerland but that would mean I had to sacrifice my career. So I decided to just pursue my education here so I get to work on my career too. Education here is the same as abroad anyways.

RT: We were so surprised you're down to be in our #RoséFiles. What made you decide to join the fam?
AB: I saw Mentari's photos and you guys did a pretty good job. So I thought, why not? (Laughs - and beautifully too, we might add)

RT: What's your skin routine like? Please don't tell us you're not using anything!
AB: Haha no! I double cleanse using Nivea face wash and Bioderma facial wash. I'm into Korean skin care at the moment. I use Cosrx's essence, then Klair's Vitamin C serum wt night - it's so good, it helps smoothen my skin. You should try it! I also use Khiels' eye cream and top it off with Nature Republic aloe vera moisturizer.
RT: We definitely will! (Quickly googles the brand she mentioned and where to get it..)

Lucky for us, Anggika agreed to show us how she does her everyday brows. After we ate our super late lunch, she graciously took off her brows before showing us how she does them on camera so you can watch too.

Check out her short brow tutorial below and see how she touches up her makeup during the day. *Spoiler alert* she used a little bit of Rosé magic too! To see her photoshoot pictures click here, ANGGIKA BOLSTERLI.


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